Integrity Brokerage Services, Inc.



Why should you move your business to Integrity Brokerage Services, Inc.?
The investment choices and brokers available to choose from can be overwhelming. We do not guarantee any investment results, but we do guarantee that we do everything possible to associate with brokers of the highest moral and ethical character. And we feel that will make the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied client.
What services can you offer me?
Clients have access to their portfolio information via the Internet. Your assets may be managed for a fee or by commissions on a transaction basis, the choice is yours. Regardless of your choice, you will receive impartial investment advice with the universe of investment products available to your investment professional. Integrity Brokerage will not, nor any of our brokers, ever “push” any product for special compensation. Integrity Brokerage and its financial professionals earn their living managing your assets and focus their time and effort in doing what is in the best interests of their clients. This, in our opinion, is the biggest difference between everyone affiliated with Integrity Brokerage and the general financial industry.
What type of technology does Integrity Brokerage Services offer?
Integrity Brokerage is not a large financial machine. This plays to our advantage. We are able to quickly change and adapt to new software advances and operate on a web based platform so changes are as simple as updating or adding to our website. In addition, our clearing firm is also a web based firm that places a great deal of emphasis on technology. Our brokers can access all client information in real time. Our brokers may trade their clients account online or use the Integrity Brokerage trading desk. Our brokers communicate with us via email, which keeps costs down and efficiency up. Of course a phone call provides instant attention. Whether or not one is technologically savvy, we adjust to accommodate our brokers.
How do I find a financial professional I can trust?
Contact us via contact form or phone and we will see if we have a financial professional affiliated with our firm near your location. Our idealistic hope for the industry is to become a haven for moral and ethical financial professionals to gather and work with clients in the spirit of Integrity.

Integrity Brokerage Services, Inc.’s main objective is to work with financial professionals eager to do what is in the best interest of their client. When other brokers are busy conducting business in a manner aimed at lining their own pockets, we hope you will appreciate what we are doing for our clients and the industry as a whole.